I can't remember how many versions of my homepage or blog (or whatever its called this week) I've built over the years, but this one seems like its got most of the features I always wanted. Feel free to look around, I welcome comments!!! -Dave


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Me, 3/4/2011

Me, 3/4/2011

A Few Words About Me:

Over the years, I have acquired a lot of practical experience in a wide spectrum of disciplines.  I now mostly offer technical consulting, but I continue to work in video production & engineering,   broadcast and digital video,  Internet application and content delivery systems,  metal and woodworking, laser cutting, mechatronics, and vintage analog equipment restoration and preservation.

This is a place where I post random notions that I feel like sharing with the world - to what end I know not.  Sometimes its just a good rant, sometimes its a cautionary tale I hope might prevent someone from making the same simple mistake I did.

I have had to disable new registrations due to the vomit of spam that unfortunately fills these kinds of blog comments, but if you seriously need to communicate, please do so by email.  The phone number below will go to voicemail unless I recognize your number.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask:

David W. Sieg
(866) 640-0500

Here are several links to places that attempt to describe my past, present, and future:

My LinkedIn Profile

My Illustrated, Annotated, Verbose, and Largely Outdated  Bio